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Scoliosis, Signs / Symptoms, & Chiropractic Treatment

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SpineX Chiropractic clinic is

No. 1 Expert for Scoliosis & Schroth 3-D Scoliosis Exercise Provider.

SpineX Chiropractic does

1. Analyze Scoliosis patient's Posture & X-Ray

2. Test Posture, Muscle Function, & Balance

3. Adjust / Correct the Scoliosis with Gonstead & Diversified Manipulation

4. Re-Educate the Imbalanced Muscles with PhysioTherapy

5. Re-Align the Scoliosis Curves & Rib-Cage with Exercises such as

Schroth 3-D Scoliosis Exercise, Clinical Pilates, CBP, SPS and so on.

SpineX Chiropractic

1. Subang Jaya, Selangor (KL). 010-200-7893 / 03-5613-7893

2. Bukit Indah, JB. 07-230-6160

will resume after MCO.

Be Safe & Healthy ^^

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