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Turtle Neck Syndrome (= Straight Neck) causes Headache & Shoulder Pain

Do you know if your neck is straight or C-curve?

Do you know which is the normal curve of the neck?

Definitely C-curve of the neck from the side view is normal shape.

If your usual or working posture is to look forward for computer or handphone,

If your pillow is high to cause Forward Head Posture....

then come and see your chiropractic doctor in SpineX Chiropractic clinics.

In many of researches,

Straight neck, Turtle Neck Syndrome, or Forward Head Posture causes lots of Stress on their neck and shoulder areas.

We are very specialized to correct your posture and to release pain and stress thru the chiropractic manipulation and manual therapies.

Call SpineX Chiropractic and Start to correct your Posture today.

  • Subang Jaya branch: 03-5613-7893

  • Johor Bahru branch: 07-230-6160

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