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Dr. David Na
Dr. David Na, DC (USA), MBA, CNT (USA), CKTT (USA)
Are you in PAIN?
SpineX Chiropractic will help you today !!
Our Specialty is "Scoliosis", "Headache", "Dizziness", "Low Back Pain", "Sciatica", "Frozen Shoulder", "Sports Injury" and "Posture Imbalance".

Pelvic Distorsion.jpg
Our Chiropractic Doctors

I'd like to introduce my Associate Chiropractic Doctors in SpineX Chiropractic, Subang Jaya & Johor Bahru.

All they are treating lots of patients in everyday with their evidence based chiropractic knowledges and experiences.

See our Chiropractic Doctors in SpineX Chiropractic clinic.

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